You can be sure that every on-site event sponsored by GradCity is fully-staffed, and it is no coincidence that GradCity staff makes the difference.

24/7 Availability
We are there for you for the duration of your trip, on-location, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the time the first guest arrives until the last departs.

Welcome Orientation
Upon arrival, the GradCity team will meet with your group to discuss local customs, BreakSmart guidelines and more. Minimum group size required.

24-Hour On-Site Staff
GradCity Staff will continue to be available to every member of your group around- the-clock for the duration of your trip. Each of our staff members has successfully passed a background check and some are even bilingual.

24-Hour Resource Center
A staffed Student Resource Center at the GradCity Headquarters Hotel will always be available to all GradCity travelers. GradCity staff are available to deal with any questions, issues, or emergencies that may arise as well as offer information, recommendations and knowledgeable insight to our travelers. Minimum group size required. Resource center location and hours may vary based on destination, program and group size.

24-Hour Emergency Phone
GradCity has 24-hour emergency phone numbers both in the US and your destination so students and parents can conveniently keep in contact in the event of an emergency at any time, day or night.

Outstanding Benefits

Lowest Price Guarantee
GradCity’s lowest price guarantee ensures that you will get the best price for your trip.

Consumer Protection
GradCity carries over $10 million in Consumer Protection insurance and $30 million in professional liability insurance.

Flexible Payment Plans
Multiple payment options are available to fit your payment schedule, plus your deposit is reusable on a future GradCity vacation.

Highly Recommended
GradCity is endorsed by parents, students and teachers alike. Check out our testimonials!

Local Travel Specialists
For your convenience, local GradCity Travel Specialists are available before, during and after your vacation.

Customer Care Team
A dedicated customer service department will help you throughout the trip process.

Customized Flights
GradCity offers a number of custom flight options to fit any special group needs or requirements.


BreakSmart is GradCity’s Travel Awareness Program that encourages students to make smart choices before, during and after travel. Our program revolves around principles of smart decision making, awareness and responsibility. BreakSmart guidelines are provided to students before travel and are reiterated during their Welcome Orientation and in their on-site arrival packets.

Read more about our BreakSmart program.