What's A GradCity Trip?

With over 25 years of experience, GradCity has operated tours for over 250,000 students. Our accreditations are unmatched and our reputation is impeccable, allowing GradCity to provide the Ultimate Travel Experience.

As the high school leisure division of the GradCity Holdings LLC group of companies, GradCity focuses on Spring Break, and summer graduation trips for high school students in destinations ranging from Florida to Mexico, and beyond. Our sister company, StudentCity focuses on college spring break trips, and is the largest student travel company in North America.

Together, GradCity and StudentCity have partnered with companies such as American Eagle, MTV, Warner Brother Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Schnick, Nautica, Def Jam Records, Rockstar Energy Drink, Dakine, and more, to provide The Ultimate Travel Experience.

GradCity trips are always a pleasant and memorable experience, as we are committed to providing all necessary services to make the travel process as easy and convenient as possible. From the pre-planning stages, to choosing the best destination for your group, booking your group hotel accommodations and airfare, planning exclusive events, and providing professional GradCity destination staff, we take care of every aspect of your trip.


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