During Your Trip

Everything you'll need while on your trip
  • Passports
    If traveling internationally, do not forget your passport. You’ll also want to make sure your passport has not expired. The airline will not allow you to board the plane for an international flight without a valid passport.
  • Credit/debit Cards
    If you plan to travel with any bank issued credit/debit cards, you'll want to contact your bank prior to travel and notify them of your travel plans.
  • Cell Phones 
    Always check with your cell phone provider to know what to expect if you plan on using your cell phone internationally. All providers have different policies and plans for international use that may not be the same as domestic. For iPhone and smartphone users, WiFi is available in most hotels, and there are a number of WiFi-enabled texting platforms that we recommend using when you are connected (such as WhatsApp), in order to avoid additional charges from your cellphone provider. 

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