Here you can also find the answers to many frequently asked questions regarding the trip process, payments, or your destination. Our Customer Care team is available Monday through Friday, typically 10:00 am to 5:00 pm EST with shifting hours seasonally, should you have any questions regarding your trip.

Before You Book

How do I start planning my trip?

Planning your group’s trip could not be easier! Fill out this form and one of our GradCity travel specialists will contact you. Once you decide where to go, your travel specialist will be with you every step of the way.

What are GradCity’s Terms and Conditions?

See GradCity Travel LLC Customer Agreement for details.

Before Your Trip

Everything You Need Before Traveling

Payments, rooming lists, and travel documents are just a few of the important items you’ll need to remember before travel. Here’s a complete list of important information as well as tasks you will need to complete before going on your GradCity senior trip:

How does rooming work?

Students choose their roommates! GradCity does not randomly assign rooming. GradCity will request a preliminary rooming list directly or by working with your Group Organizer and/or Travel Specialist. Once final payments are made, GradCity will finalize the rooming. Once rooming is finalized, your roommates will be listed in your online customer portal. 

Upon sign-up, all travelers are billed at the maximum-occupancy rate. It is the student’s responsibility to fill their room to maximum occupancy to ensure the lowest cost. If there are less travelers in the room, there will be an occupancy fee assessed to the roommates (essentially less people splitting the cost of the room). If a roommate cancels, the remaining students are responsible for filling the room or paying the increased price due to occupancy changes.

*If a traveler does not have any roommates, they will be placed in a single-occupancy room and incur the total cost of the room. 

Do you allow co-ed rooms?

If students wish to room co-ed, an authorization form must be filled out and signed by all occupants in the room (if under 18, the form must also be signed by their parent/guardian). This must be completed and submitted to [email protected] to confirm any co-ed rooming request. 

When are the trip dates finalized?

Departure dates for summer trips will be between 1-14 days after graduation (unless graduation occurs before May 25th).  Trip dates will be finalized after the final payment date and once the final size of your group has been determined.  Students and parents will be notified of their travel dates no later than 2-3 weeks before travel commences.

Spring Break trips will have a departure day of Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for 7-night trips, and Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday for 5-night trips.  

Summer Grad Trips have a departure day of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday for both 5 & 7-night trips. 

Why are we asked to sign up so early? What is the rush?

Signing up early reserves your space and gives our travelers priority on hotel options and provides the lowest pricing. The earlier you sign up, the more time you have to pay off your trip before the final payment, making monthly payments significantly smaller.

Are there any other fees?

Occupancy Fees:

Upon sign-up, pricing is per person based on maximum occupancy in the room. If there are fewer people listed in the hotel room, there will be an occupancy fee assessed per person. This occupancy fee varies based on destination, resort, and week of travel. Your team will inform you of the price per person, the maximum occupancy of the hotel room, and the occupancy fees upon sign-up or preliminary rooming requests. 

Change Fees:

Changes are no problem as long as our suppliers can accommodate the request. We can’t make any guarantees, but we promise to make every effort on your behalf. Adding customers to an existing reservation is NOT considered a change. Change fees will be applied for, but are not limited to, the following situations: name changes, hotel changes, and destination changes. These additional fees will appear on your final price after the change.

Destination Fees:

There may be fees mandated for travel to specific destinations which are required by the destination’s government. These are not fees made by or paid to GradCity. These could include entry visas, testing fees, environmental fees, and more. If you have any questions regarding your specific destination, please email [email protected]

How do I obtain my travel documents?

You will receive an email that your travel documents have been posted 5-10 business days before travel. You will only be able to print travel documents if your account is paid in full. You must log in to your GradCity online account to print the travel documents. They will be displayed under the “Travel Documents” tab and are displayed as vouchers for your airfare, airport transfers, and supplements. 

You will present the airfare voucher to the airline on the day of your flight in exchange for your boarding pass. The airport transfer voucher will be presented upon arrival in your destination for your transfer to the resort. Lastly, the supplement voucher will be submitted to GradCity during your Welcome Orientation. 

What should I pack?

Everyone travels differently and it depends upon the destination and length of your trip, in determining what to bring.  Of course if you’re going to a beach destination, you’ll need a bathing suit, warm weather clothes, sunscreen, etc. If you are traveling on a flight, you will want to refer to the airlines website prior to travel, for their specific guidelines regarding checked bags and carry-on luggage.

Can we pre-check in for our flight?

No. GradCity books flights on group space which means that travelers are not assigned individual confirmation numbers, and therefore are unable to check in ahead of time. 

We recommend arriving at the airport for departure at least 3 hours prior to your flight time in order to check in at the airline desk with your passport and flight voucher.

Are checked luggage items included in my trip price?

Checked luggage is not included in your trip price. You must pay for any checked luggage directly with your airline. Please check your airline’s website for their current luggage prices.

If I am unable to travel, what is your cancellation policy?

Once your deposit is received, all cancellations must be written and sent to our office via email. A cancellation fee will be assessed on your account based on the time of cancellation. However, if your package is paid in full and includes Comprehensive Travel Insurance, you may be entitled to a refund through the insurance company depending on the reason for cancellation. 

The cancellation policy is based on your Final Payment Due Date, not your travel dates. Your Final Payment Due Date will be listed in your online account.

121 days or more prior to your Final Payment Due Date (FPDD) 

Cancellations received in our office 121 days or more prior to your FPDD will be assessed a fee of $400 per person plus any transportation (airline, ship, bus, etc.) and/or attraction-imposed fees (park passes, ski tickets, etc.).

120-61 days or less prior to your Final Payment Due Date (FPDD) 

Cancellations received in our office between 120-61 days prior your FPDD will be assessed a fee of $700 per person plus any transportation (airline, ship, bus, etc.) and/or attraction imposed charges/fees (park passes, ski tickets, etc.).

60 days or less prior to your Final Payment Due Date (FPDD) or after your Final Payment Due Date (FPDD) 

Cancellations received in our office within 60 days before your FPDD or after your FPDD will be non-refundable, unless you are covered by the Travel Protection Insurance Plan (“the Plan”) as described in Section X herein below and cancel for a reason covered under that Plan.

Can I transfer or sell my reservation to someone else?

In most cases you may transfer or sell your reservation to a new person looking to join the trip. There may be a fee associated with transferring your reservation. If flights have already been purchased you may also be assessed an additional fee from the airline, or we may not be able to transfer your reservation to someone new.

If you are looking to transfer your reservation please email Customer Care at [email protected] and they will be able to further assist you. All transfer requests must be submitted in writing.

How do I add my airline/TSA/Global Entry number to my flight itinerary?

You can add your airline account, TSA, and/or Global Entry number to your flight itinerary at airport check-in on the day of departure for commercial flights. These numbers cannot be added ahead of time as GradCity flights are booked on group space.

Alternatively for your airline account, if you keep your individual boarding passes/ticket numbers, you can submit them to the airline after travel to receive credit for those flights.

For charter flights, TSA and/or Global Entry number may not be eligible to add to booking.

During Your Trip

Everything you’ll need while on your trip

What types of documents are needed to travel?

When traveling internationally, ALL travelers are required to have a valid passport book. If traveling within the United States, travelers will need to provide a government issued photo ID. Travelers will also need to bring their travel vouchers with them that are printed from our website, along with any other documents needed.  You will be informed of any additional documents needed prior to travel.  

How much spending money is needed?

American currency (USD) is accepted in most destinations. Travelers should bring cash (USD) and a debit/credit card. 

For students traveling to all-inclusive resorts, a general budget of $25-$50/day for off-resort food/drinks, tipping, taxis, and souvenirs. 

For international standard resorts, a general budget of $75-$125/day for food & drinks, tipping, taxis, and souvenirs. 

For students traveling to domestic standard resorts, a general budget of $50-$100/day for food & drinks, tipping, and souvenirs.

Can my student drink alcohol on the trip?

The drinking age in Mexico, Dominican Republic, and The Bahamas is 18 years; in Canada, it is 19 years; and in domestic destinations (including Panama City Beach, Florida), it is 21 years. 

If the student is of legal drinking age, the choice is theirs. GradCity does not promote, provide, or profit from the use of alcohol on any of our trips. Proper identification will be required to buy or consume alcohol in all destinations legally.

What does all-inclusive accommodations mean?

All-Inclusive accommodations mean that food, alcoholic (for those of legal drinking age) & non-alcoholic drinks, and activities are included at the resort (exceptions may apply). The GradCity trip itself is NOT all-inclusive, meaning travelers are responsible for paying for any food, drinks, and activities they may wish to purchase off the resort premises.

How can I communicate with my student during their trip?

Most major phone carriers provide coverage throughout North America (Canada, United States, & Mexico) within their phone plans.

If you are traveling to The Bahamas or the Dominican Republic, you may be able to purchase data/coverage at a per-day rate. Please contact your phone carrier before you travel to explore these options.


What happens if my student gets sick or hurt?

GradCity provides onsite staff that assists in all medical situations. 

Travel insurance is automatically added to all accounts upon registration and activated once the account is paid in full. Receipts of any medical expenses should be kept, and you can file a claim with the insurance company upon arrival home. This comprehensive travel insurance plan covers emergency transportation, accidents, or medical expenses while in your destination.

What is GradCity’s professional staff responsible for?

Students will be greeted by trained GradCity staff at the airport in their trip destination and will transfer travelers to their resort. GradCity staff do not meet travelers at their departure airport and do not accompany students on the plane. The team will host a Welcome Orientation at the resort, where students get a GradCity wristband and hear important information about safety, destination information, and weekly event schedules. Location points will be assigned so students will always know where to find GradCity staff throughout the trip.

GradCity staff serves as chaperones on the trip, making themselves available to students when needed. Staff roam the resort premises during designated hours, are in attendance at all GradCity events, and are available 24/7 via emergency phone. Staff is available to manage medical emergencies, including accompanying travelers to clinics/hospitals. 

GradCity staff are chaperones, not parents, and expect travelers to behave as adults. GradCity staff do not know the location of every traveler at all times and cannot prevent all infractions. GradCity staff reserve the right to remove travelers who pose a threat to themselves or others. 

What rules does GradCity have?

All of the rules and expectations of travelers are listed on the GradCity Code of Conduct. These are further explained during the Welcome Orientation onsite. We expect students to behave as adults; if they cannot handle themselves properly, they could be sent home. If you have problems with your student at home, they may not be ready to travel. After hosting hundreds of thousands of students for our programs, the majority are wonderful onsite!

What if there is an emergency before or during travel?

GradCity will have an after-hours office line open during our travel season that customers can call to speak to a team member. We ask customers to only utilize this line if they are traveling within 48 hours, currently traveling, or have an emergency. 

GradCity also has an emergency line for each destination. This line is for emergencies only.