Senior Trip Themed Events – Fits To Get You Inspired

With senior trip season in full swing, our travelers have brought their A-game to our themed nights. Themed nights are a highlight of our senior trips, as they offer a chance to get creative, bond with your friends, and make lasting memories. From Neon Night to Gradchella, there are endless possibilities that cater to every style and personality. Here’s a sneak peek of what 2024 travelers have worn to these epic nights….

Neon Night – Light Up the Night in Style

Neon Night is the ultimate opportunity to dive into the electric side of fashion, bringing a whole new level of fun to our senior trips. This theme encourages you to embrace bold colors and innovative accessories, and our 2024 travelers have absolutely killed it:

Stoplight – Reveal Your Status Without Saying a Word

Red= taken, green= single, yellow= it’s complicated. Stoplight night on your senior trip introduces a playful and unique way to communicate without uttering a single word. This clever theme adds an intriguing layer to social interactions. Check out some of the fits students have worn this year:

Gradchella – Channeling Your Inner Festival Vibes

Gradchella turns the senior trip into an epic festival scene. This night is the perfect chance to bring out the glitter and rhinestones and wear something you would wear to Coachella. To no one’s surprise, 2024 travelers have absolutely brought their A-game when it comes to this theme:

White-Out – Creating a Blank Canvas for Memories

White-Out night has always been a favorite among senior trip themes for its simplicity and elegance. This year’s travelers have truly embraced the theme, looking stunning in their all-white outfits. Check out some of our faves:

Plan Your Fits

Remember that themed nights are an opportunity to express your creativity, bond with your friends, and create unforgettable memories. So, make sure to pack everything you need to go all out for every party during your senior trip. Embrace the chance to step outside your comfort zone, have fun with your wardrobe choices, and make the most of every moment during this special time with your friends.

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