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Your high school Senior trips should be the time of your life – easy planning, tropical beaches, exciting events & activities, and made of life-long memories. Plan your Senior trip with GradCity, and you’ll have it all! Don’t miss out – start planning your trip now!

There’s no better way to celebrate your high school graduation than by going on a GradCity all-inclusive senior trip with your friends and hundreds of students from across the U.S. Whether you go on a summer or spring break trip, celebrating your senior year with GradCity will help you make memories that will last a lifetime. Jetset to the beautiful beaches of Mexico, experience the most visited Señor Frog’s in the world in Nassau, or zipline through Punta Cana’s jungles to commemorate getting that diploma. Our senior trips offer great amenities and perks that make your trip one to remember.

Over the past 3 decades, Breakaway Beach has become one of the largest student travel companies in North America, taking thousands of travelers annually to destinations across the world. Our mission is to provide phenomenal senior trips to graduating high school students of all backgrounds. Today, we continue to travel to new oceans and beaches creating one of a kind senior trip experiences for our travelers.

For over 30 years, Breakaway Tours has proudly been one of the leading student travel companies, taking hundreds of students annually to explore destinations across Canada. At Breakaway Tours, we understand the value of travel, as it opens doors to personal growth and independence. Our trips are designed to challenge students, helping them broaden their horizons while exploring and having fun. Our mission is simple: to offer high school students from all backgrounds the opportunity to embark on extraordinary journeys. Our meticulously planned trips are crafted with the utmost care, ensuring every aspect of the experience is unique and memorable.
This 3 nights 4 days trip in the heart of Montréal has it all: a vibrant nightclub scene, top artists and DJs, outstanding shopping, restaurants, and so much more—a weekend getaway like no other. The best part, we set everything up so that you can focus on the good stuff, like having an unforgettable time with your friends and meeting hundreds of students from across Canada.
Our commitment to youth is to make a difference. We strive to inspire our students to travel with a purpose and broaden their worldview by understanding the diversity of communities in need. Our hope is that our travelers come to realize that they can make a significant impact simply by lending a hand. Student travelers will experience both service and adventure that counts. We believe that students can travel, experience, reflect, and make decisions that can positively affect future generations of the world. Our skills and experience in the travel industry will serve as a compass in their journey. Let’s make a difference together.